Open Thread

Summer Movies, in This Week’s Open Discussion

Which films are on your watch list for this socially distanced summer?

Welcome to the second edition of Slate’s new Open Discussion thread. Today’s discussion topic is summer movie recommendations.

Unless you’re lucky enough to live near one of the last remaining drive-ins, this summer’s big blockbusters will be replaced by our favorite classics—or whatever’s debuting on Netflix. What are you planning to watch (or re-watch)? Are you counting the days until the Hamilton movie or planning to introduce your kids to Star Wars? Are you streaming only, or do you prefer old-school DVD? We want to hear about your favorites and what you’re most excited to see this socially distanced summer.

More about the Open Discussion threads: At Slate, our commenter community has long been a place where readers come together to share experiences, debate politics and policy, and make jokes. We’re starting a weekly Open Discussion to give those of you who aren’t frequent flyers in our existing Open Thread an opportunity to connect with one another outside the article comments. Each Open Discussion will have a theme, and we’ll have our team of moderators around to ensure a friendly, welcoming space. We may even see a Slate writer drop in from time to time. Whether you’re a first-time commenter or a grizzled veteran who can tell war stories from The Fray, we hope you’ll make yourself at home.