Open Thread

Introducing Slate’s Newest Open Thread

Welcome to our second weekly themed conversation for commenters.

Even as some states move toward loosening stay-at-home orders, we still need avenues for online socializing more than ever. At Slate, our commenter community has long been a place where readers come together to share experiences, debate politics and policy, and make jokes. So we’re starting a second weekly Open Thread to give those of you who aren’t frequent flyers in our existing Open Thread an opportunity to connect with one another in a more informal way than in the article comments.

Unlike the first Open Thread, each of the new Open Threads will have a theme. These themes will be tied to Slate articles or packages, and in some cases we’ll use them to give commenters opportunities to ask questions or even provide leads on reporting we’re hoping to do. We’ll have our team of moderators around to ensure a friendly, welcoming space. We may even see a Slate writer drop in from time to time. So get comfortable and talk among yourselves. Whether you’re a first-time commenter or a grizzled veteran who can tell war stories from The Fray, we hope you’ll make yourself at home.

Our inaugural discussion question: What is the first thing you’ll do when it’s safe to resume normal activities? Where will you go and who will you see?