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Now You Can Get Premium Slate Podcasts in Just Two Taps

Slate Plus is now powered by Supporting Cast.

Now you can subscribe to premium, ad-free versions of all Slate podcasts in just two taps, thanks to a major upgrade of the Slate Plus podcast experience. If you’re already a Slate Plus member, you can get started here. (If not, you can join here.)

Slate was one of the first publishers to make wide use of premium podcast feeds when it launched Slate Plus in 2014, using them to deliver exclusive audio content and an ad-free listening experience. Despite the popularity of these member benefits, subscribing to a premium feed has never been as straightforward as subscribing to a free podcast. That’s because you can’t search for and subscribe to a premium podcast through a public-facing directory like Apple Podcasts. Members instead need to manually import Slate Plus feeds into their preferred podcast players. Most listeners were able to navigate that process—but many could not.


Over time, Slate has figured out how to make it far easier to subscribe to premium feeds. Using what we learned, we built Supporting Cast, the technology that powers the freshly overhauled Slate Plus listening experience and that we now license to other podcasters who want to build their own membership programs.

An animated recording of the improved subscription process.
The new, extremely seamless subscription process. Slate

If you tried Slate Plus in the past but ran into problems accessing the podcast benefits, now is a great time to try again. Here’s what our members are saying about the improved system:

“That was easy! Thanks so much. I just subscribed last week and was a little overwhelmed with the process so I really appreciate this.”

“This is awesome!!!”

“Fantastic! I have been a Slate Plus member for years but have not been able to work out how to access Plus content.”

“Just took a minute to set up. So glad I can now hear all Trumpcast episodes. Love that show. Love your publication.”

“Thank goodness! It was way too hard before. Appreciate the change.”

“Big improvement over the previous approach. I could never log in with Podcast Addict before. Thanks.”

“This is great! Thank you!”

You can try Slate Plus for free by signing up for a two-week trial at You’ll get a premium listening experience and other great benefits, and your support helps Slate continue making the journalism you depend on.

And if you are a podcaster who would like to start your own membership program, visit to learn more and contact us.