Slate’s Mistakes for the Week of April 6

In an April 10 Future Tense, Jane C. Hu incorrectly referred to Stanford’s Hoover Institution as the Hoover Institute.

In an April 10 Jurisprudence, Bill Ong Hing misstated that there were 110 reported violent crimes committed against asylum-seekers in Mexico. There have been more than 1,000 reports.

In an April 10 Slatest, Joshua Keating misidentified the Chinese Communist Party as the Community Party. He also misstated the date that Turkmenistan held a 7,000-person bike ride to celebrate World Health Day. It was Tuesday, April 7, not April 8.


In an April 9 Future Tense, Elena Botella misstated the funding structure for Medicaid technology spending. The federal government offers a 9-to-1 match for what states spend, not a match of 90 percent of the funds states spend.


In an April 9 Future Tense, Sareeta Amrute misspelled Guwahati and Susan Leigh Star’s last name.

In an April 7 Jurisprudence, David H. Gans misspelled A. Philip Randolph Institute.

In an April 7 Slatest, Julia Craven misspelled Michael Tyson’s first name and Elizabeth Isaacs’ last name.

In an April 7 Slatest, Henry Grabar misspelled Jennifer Taff’s last name.

In an April 7 Television, Sam Adams misstated that Star Price was the creator of Murder House Flip. He is its showrunner.

In an April 6 Television, Willa Paskin misidentified Fall River, Massachusetts, as Falls River.

In an April 2 Medical Examiner, Zachary Siegel misspelled Daniel Garrett’s last name.

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