Slate’s Mistakes for the Week of April 13

In an April 17 Jurisprudence, Sonia M. Suter misspelled Whole Woman’s Health.

In an April 17 Politics, William Saletan misstated the dates of two Trump press conferences. They were on March 27 and April 2, not March 28 and April 3. He also misstated the date of Trump’s tweet threatening governors. It was on Tuesday, not Wednesday.

In an April 16 Books, Cornelia Channing misstated that the Metropolitan Museum of Art laid off thousands of staff and performers.

In an April 15 Jurisprudence, Adam Richardson misstated that BuzzFeed News broke the story that Florida health care lobbyists asked for legal immunity from coronavirus-related lawsuits. The News Service of Florida broke this story.


In an April 15 Moneybox, Aaron Mak misspelled Ginkgo Bioworks.

In an April 14 Jurisprudence, Jeff Thaler misidentified the current governor of New York as Mario Cuomo. It’s Andrew Cuomo.


In an April 14 Slatest, Elliot Hannon misspelled WWE founder Vince McMahon’s first name.

An April 13 Books misspelled the last names of Bianca Xunise and Will Dinski.

Due to a transcription error, an April 13 Life misquoted the interview subject as referring to a coffee “trader.” The person was a coffee “trainer.”

In an April 12 Food, Chloe Hadavas misspelled Gramercy Tavern.

In an April 12 Politics, Tom Scocca misstated that Georgia had voted with Arizona and Florida. Georgia’s primary was delayed, and Illinois voted with Arizona and Florida.

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