Slate’s Mistakes for the Week of Feb. 3

In a Feb. 6 Jurisprudence, Jessica Pishko misidentified the case Imbler v. Pachtman as Imbler v. Patchman.

In a Feb. 6 Slatest, Jordan Weissmann misspelled Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s last name.

In a Feb. 5 Slatest, Ben Mathis-Lilley misspelled Helen Keller’s first name. He also misidentified Hu Jintao as the former premier of China; he was president.

Due to an editing error, a Feb. 4 Future Tense misspelled Hillary Clinton’s first name.

In a Feb. 4 War Stories, Fred Kaplan misspelled Juan Guaidó’s paternal surname.

In a Feb. 3 Sports, Nick Greene misspelled Damien Williams’ first name.

In a Feb. 3 Sports, Josh Levin misspelled Damien Williams’ first name.

In a Jan. 31 Jurisprudence, Dahlia Lithwick misspelled Nuremberg.

Due to an editing error, the show page for the June 17, 2015, History of American Slavery episode had the incorrect audio.

In a Feb. 24, 2004, Politics, Duncan Watts misstated where Solomon Asch’s conformity experiments were first conducted. They were done at Swarthmore College, not Princeton University.

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