Slate’s Mistakes for the Week of Jan. 13

In a Jan. 17 Politics, Jonathan M. Katz misspelled Jaime Fonalledas’ and Yarimar Bonilla’s last names.

A Jan. 15 Industry misidentified the Atlanta Journal-Constitution as the Atlantic Journal-Constitution.

In a Jan. 13 Goods, Shannon Palus misstated that Calmer Canine uses a magnetic field. It uses a pulsed electromagnetic field. She also misstated that electrical currents haven’t been proved to relieve anxiety. Pulsed electromagnetic fields haven’t been proved to do so.

In a Jan. 13 Slatest, Jim Newell misstated that, with Cory Booker dropping out, there were no black candidates left in the Democratic primary. Former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick is still running.

In a Jan. 3 Users, Shannon Palus misstated the age of a Facility magazine writer’s brother who swallowed a penny. He was a baby, not 4 years old.

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