Slate’s Mistakes for the Week of Sept. 30

In an Oct. 4 Medical Examiner, Shannon Palus erroneously referred to nutrition researchers as nutritionists.

In an Oct. 3 Brow Beat, Marissa Martinelli misspelled Game of Thrones as Game of Thones.

In an Oct. 3 Movies, Dana Stevens misstated that Joaquin Phoenix won an Oscar for Walk the Line. He was nominated for this performance but has never won an Oscar.

In an Oct. 3 Politics, Christina Cauterucci misstated that Jonathan Kaiman resigned from the Los Angeles Times in September 2018. He resigned in August 2018.

Due to a production error in a Sept. 29 Working, Lindsay Silberman’s first name was misspelled.

In a Sept. 27 Future Tense, David Wolinsky misidentified the year in which Half-Life 2 was released. It was 2004, not 1998.

In a Sept. 26 Politics, Justin Peters originally misspelled Caroline Polisi’s and Jeffrey Cramer’s last names.

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