Slate’s Mistakes for the Week of July 8

In a July 12 Future Tense, Aaron Mak misquoted Preston Byrne as saying Trump’s flag-hugging is “dominant behavior.” He actually said it was “common behavior.”

In a July 11 Industry, Aaron Mak misstated that a lawsuit against James O’Keefe had to do with misrepresentation. It pertained to surreptitious recording.

In a July 9 Future Tense, Josephine Wolff misstated that YouTube had updated its policies on what constitutes “harmful or dangerous content” to include “instructional hacking and phishing.” YouTube did not update its policies; it added “instructional hacking and phishing” to examples of content that violates its policies.


In a July 8 Brow Beat, Matthew Dessem misidentified actor Antonio Sabato Jr. as Anthony Sabato Jr.

In a July 8 How to Do It, Rich Juzwiak misidentified Mitchell Tepper as a sex therapist. He’s a certified sex educator and counselor.

In a July 8 Slatest, Chip Brownlee misspelled the name of the Capital Weather Gang.

Due to a production error, a caption on a July 8 Wide Angle misidentified Emma Thompson as Laila Robins.

In a July 7 Slatest, Daniel Politi misidentified New York Times writer Andrew Keh as Andre Keh.

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