Slate’s Mistakes for the Week of June 17

In a June 20 Brow Beat, Rhodes Murphy misgendered the director Jill Soloway. Soloway does not use female pronouns.

In a June 19 Brow Beat, Sam Adams misspelled the name of the Brazilian company Petrobras.

Due to an editing error, the photo credit in a June 19 Life was misattributed as being courtesy of NYU’s Fales Library. The image is courtesy of the 5 Ninth Avenue Project and Good Dog Blackout LLC.

In a June 19 Science, Rachelle Hampton misidentified David Attenborough as Richard Attenborough.

In a June 17 Slatest, Joshua Keating referred to the former prime minister of Taiwan as William Tai. His name is William Lai.

In a June 14 Future Tense, Stephen Harrison misstated that Wikipedia and the Wikimedia Foundation did not collaborate with each other on the North Face’s project to get its images onto Wikipedia. Neither organization collaborated with the North Face.

In a June 14 Future Tense, Jane C. Hu misidentified EverlyWell as a DNA test company. Though it offers DNA products, it also has health tests that don’t involve DNA.

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