Slate’s Mistakes for the Week of May 13

In a May 17 Music, Carl Wilson misidentified Scooter Braun as Carly Rae Jepsen’s manager. Braun is no longer her manager.

In a May 16 Slatest, Molly Olmstead misspelled Missouri Gov. Mike Parson’s last name.

In a May 16 Television, Willa Paskin misidentified actor Andrew Scott as Andrew Young.

In a May 14 Brow Beat, Marissa Martinelli misspelled the title of the TV show Steven Universe.

In a May 14 Metropolis, Henry Grabar misidentified the nonprofit that helps take care of the Statue of Liberty site. It is the Statue of Liberty–Ellis Island Foundation, not the Statue of Liberty Foundation.

In a May 14 Politics, Lili Loofbourow misstated that 70 percent of Georgians and 68 percent of Americans don’t believe Roe v. Wade should be overturned. Those figures apply to Georgian and American registered voters.

The May 11 Hi-Phi Nation show page attributed the term gender panics only to Laurel Westbook. She coined it along with her colleague Kristen Schilt.

In a May 10 Books, Rebecca Onion misstated that David McCullough’s book The Pioneers did not mention the massacre of Christian Delaware at Gnadenhutten, Ohio, in 1782. It does. She also misstated that Gnadenhutten is to the south of Marietta, when it is to the north. Additionally, Onion wrote that Ephraim Cutler was in the Ohio Legislature when it passed its Black Laws in 1804 and 1807; he was not.

In a May 8 Science, Henry Grabar misstated the scientific name of the knotweed aphid. It is Aphalara itadori, not Aphalaris itadori.

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