Slate’s Mistakes for the Week of April 15

In an April 19 Future Tense, Jane C. Hu misidentified the destination of Arctic expeditions as the magnetic North Pole. Expeditions travel to the geographic North Pole.

In an April 19 Politics, William Saletan incorrectly implied that the White House learned on July 8, 2017, that the New York Times was doing a story on the 2016 Trump Tower meeting. The White House had learned of this fact the previous day.

In an April 17 Goods, Shannon Palus misstated that Ray Cronise was the inventor of shorts with ice-pack inserts, a cold vest, and a cold workout studio. He is not; he has made arguments that bolster those things.

In an April 17 Metropolis, Henry Grabar misspelled French President Emmanuel Macron’s first name.

In a July 27, 2016, Future Tense, Henry Grabar misidentified Justin O’Beirne as a cartographer. He writes about mapping apps.

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