Slate’s Mistakes for the Week of Jan. 21

In a Jan. 25 Brow Beat, Emily Garside misspelled La bohème.

In a Jan. 25 Slatest, Dahlia Lithwick misquoted a special counsel indictment of Trump adviser Roger Stone as stating that Stone had spoken to Trump campaign officials about Wikipedia and information it had that would have been damaging to the Hillary Clinton campaign. The indictment actually states that Stone spoke to Trump campaign officials about Wikileaks and its potentially damaging information.

In a Jan. 24 Brow Beat, Aja Hoggatt misspelled Cecil B. DeMille’s first name.

Due to an editing error, a Jan. 24 Gist transcript misspelled Hermann Rorschach’s first name.

In a Jan. 23 Family, Melinda Wenner Moyer cited an erroneous American Academy of Pediatrics report saying 1 in 10 girls make themselves vomit daily. The relevant study determined that 1 in 8 girls have made themselves vomit at least once in the past three months.

In a Jan. 22 Brow Beat, Aja Hoggatt misstated that six black men have won the Academy Award for Best Director. Six black men have been nominated for the award.

In a Jan. 22 Future Tense, Albert Fox Cahn and Vanessa L. Gibson misstated when the Supreme Court ruled on Kyllo v. United States. It was nearly 20 years ago, not 30.

In a Jan. 22 Slatest, Elliot Hannon misstated that Islamberg, New York, is 150 miles northeast of New York City. It is 150 miles northwest of NYC.

In a Jan. 22 Slatest, Ben Mathis-Lilley wrote that video appeared to show a Covington Catholic student shouting, “It’s not rape if you enjoy it” on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Further video footage, though, shows another individual stating that the shouter is not a Covington student, and when the mass of Covington students are shown leaving the area, that individual stays behind. The reference to the “rape” comment has been removed from the post.

In a Jan. 22 Sports, Nick Greene misstated that the Toronto Raptors would have an advantage over their American counterparts if taxes are increased on high-earning Americans. U.S. citizens and permanent residents have to file U.S. income tax even if they work outside the country.

In a Jan. 21 Family, Rachelle Hampton misidentified the name of the school that interviewee Charlotte Boyce attends as Ed White Academy. Charlotte goes to Ed White Elementary. Hampton also misidentified Charlotte’s grandfather Jack as Danny.

In a Jan. 21 Politics, Ruth Graham misstated the frequency of the Indigenous Peoples March. This year’s event was the first. She also misstated that Nathan Phillips is a Vietnam War veteran. Phillips served in the U.S. Marines but did not serve in Vietnam.

In a Jan. 19 Politics, Ruth Graham misstated that Nathan Phillips is a Vietnam War veteran. Phillips served in the U.S. Marines but did not serve in Vietnam. Graham also misstated that the video was captured during the Indigenous Peoples March; the incident took place after the march.

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