Slate’s Mistakes for the Week of Dec. 3

In a Dec. 7 Slatest, Joshua Keating misstated that the Trump administration had announced a halt to the refueling of Saudi-led coalition aircraft this month. It was announced in November.

In a Nov. 7 Jurisprudence, Mark Joseph Stern misstated that the 16th Street Baptist Church bombers were successfully prosecuted in federal court. They were prosecuted by a joint federal-state team in Alabama court.

In a Dec. 6 Slatest, Elliot Hannon misspelled the name of Robeson County, North Carolina.

In a Dec. 6 Slatest, Joshua Keating misspelled Roseanne Barr’s first name.


In a Dec. 5 Brow Beat, Matthew Dessem misidentified actress Bobbie Phillips as Bonnie Phillips.

In a Dec. 5 Brow Beat, Keith Phipps misstated that Mystery Science Theater 3000 creator Joel Hodgson lives in Los Angeles. He lives on the East Coast.


Due to a production error, a Dec. 5 Future Tense misidentified three photos. The captions and credits have been fixed. Mia Armstrong also misstated the length of time for which scanned copies of mail received by people incarcerated in Pennsylvania will be held in a searchable database. It was originally announced that they would be held for seven years, but it has now been changed to 45 days.

In a Dec. 5 Slatest, Ben Mathis-Lilley misspelled John Ehrlichman’s last name.


In a Dec. 4 Brow Beat, Aja Hoggatt misidentified Trevor Noah’s grandmother as Coco. Her name is Koko.

In a Dec. 4 Outward, Ben Miller misstated the filming location of a segment of the Fathers Project featuring Radical Faeries.

In a Dec. 3 Faith-Based, Ruth Graham misstated when missionary John Allen Chau died. He died in November, not December.

Due to an editing error, a Dec. 2 Gizmos misidentified the Edifier Bluetooth speakers Slate recommends as well as their price. They are the R1280DB speakers that cost $129.99, not the R1280T speakers for $99.99.

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