Slate’s Mistakes for the Week of Sept. 3

In a Sept. 8 Sports, Nick Greene misspelled the names of Damian Lillard and Kobe Bryant.

A Sept. 7 Future Tense event announcement misspelled speaker Annie Lowrey’s last name.

In the Sept. 7 Slate News Quiz, Ray Hamel misspelled the name of the musical in Question 9.

In a Sept. 6 Slatest, Mark Joseph Stern misspelled the name of the website Mediaite.

In an Aug. 31 Brow Beat, Rachel Withers originally misstated that that one of the hosts of the Live From the Table podcast discussed having sex dreams about New York Times reporter Melena Ryzik. Dan Naturman was discussing his co-host, Kristin Montella, not Ryzik. The post also originally claimed that Noah Dworman stated that he was highly skeptical of Louis C.K.’s accusers’ claims. Dworman never explicitly states this.

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