Slate’s Mistakes for the Week of Sept. 17

Due to an editing error, a Sept. 21 Industry misspelled Laurene Powell Jobs’ first name.

In the Sept. 21 Slate News Quiz, Ray Hamel misstated the location of the gas explosions. It was near the city, not in it.

In a Sept. 21 Slatest, Jim Newell misspelled Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s last name.

In a Sept. 20 Politics, Jamelle Bouie misidentified Amul Thapar as being a district court judge. He was elevated to the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals in 2017.

In a Sept. 20 Industry, April Glaser misstated the month when police from Berkeley, California, posted the names of arrested anti-fascist activists on Twitter. This was reported to have happened in August, not September.

In a Sept. 19 Future Tense, Mia Armstrong misstated that the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections will expand its use of drones as part of new security practices. It will expand its use of drone-detection technology.

In a Sept. 19 Interrogation, Isaac Chotiner misstated the name of the Indian state that the author Sharmila Sen is from. It is West Bengal, not Bengal.

Due to a production error, the illustration for a Sept. 19 Relationships depicted National Review as a newspaper. It’s a magazine. The illustration has been updated.

In a Sept. 19 Slatest, Ben Mathis-Lilley misspelled Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s first name.

In a Sept. 19 Slatest, Molly Olmstead misspelled Windy Newton’s last name.

In a Sept. 18 Brow Beat, Nitish Pahwa misstated when the Guardian piece that disclosed excerpts of Stormy Daniels’ memoir was published. It was published on Tuesday, not Monday. He also misspelled the name of the video game character Bowser.

In a Sept. 18 Brow Beat, Willa Paskin misspelled Kadeem Hardison’s last name and Brian Tyree Henry’s first name.

In a Sept. 18 School, Rebecca Onion misidentified the Employment Policies Institute as the Economic Policy Institute. Onion also misidentified Kate Starbird as a professor at the University of Washington’s School of Information. She’s affiliated with the College of Engineering.

In a Sept. 17 Future Tense, Mallory Pickett misspelled World Wildlife Fund vice president of ocean policy Michele Kuruc’s first name.

In a Sept. 15 Slatest, Daniel Politi misspelled Sam Houston’s last name.

Slate strives to correct all errors of fact. If you’ve seen an error in our pages, let us know at General comments should be posted in our Comments sections associated with each article.