Slate’s Mistakes for the Week of Aug. 20

In an Aug. 23 Industry, April Glaser misstated the name of the American Renaissance podcast.

In an Aug. 23 Jurisprudence, Jed Shugerman misstated that Paul Manafort had his bail revoked for jury tampering. It was alleged witness tampering.

In an Aug. 23 Sports, Ben Mathis-Lilley misstated that a report commissioned by Ohio State found that football coach Urban Meyer did not break any rules in his handling of domestic violence allegations against an assistant coach. The report concluded that Meyer should technically have made an official report to administrators about the 2015 investigation into Zach Smith but said that he did not intentionally evade the rule because he knew that other Ohio State officials were already aware of the investigation into Smith and believed incorrectly that he wasn’t under an obligation to report an investigation that didn’t end in an arrest

In an Aug. 20 Family, Debra Moffitt misstated the amount of money spent by Americans on dorm and apartment supplies. It is $3.5 billion, not $3.5 million.

Due to a production error, an Aug. 20 Metropolis misstated that Safe Parking L.A. runs three lots with 34 spaces each. The nonprofit offers 34 spaces total.

In an Aug. 20 Moneybox, Jordan Weissmann misstated when an article about the personal saving rate was published in the Wall Street Journal. It was on Saturday, not Monday.

In an Aug. 19 Brow Beat, Matthew Dessem misidentified Terence Nance as Terence Nash in a headline.

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