Slate’s Mistakes for the Week of May 14

In a May 18 Moneybox, Felix Salmon misspelled the name of the app Qapital.

In a May 18 Future Tense, Henry Grabar misspelled the name of Loudoun County, Virginia.

Due a production error, a May 18 Future Tense mistakenly had the wrong art. The correct art has since been added.

In a May 17 Better Life Lab, Leigh Stringer misidentified Roxanne Fequiere’s former job. She is a former corporate copy writer; she did not formerly work in corporate copyright.

In a May 15 Brow Beat, Lena Wilson misstated Tom Wolfe’s age at the time of his death. He was 88, not 87.

In a May 15 Slatest, Elliot Hannon misstated that several lawsuits were not included in the class action settlement with Fox News. There are two outstanding suits that were not part of the settlement.

In a May 15 Slatest, Molly Olmstead mistakenly referred to Blake Farenthold as David Farenthold.

In a May 14 Slatest, Joshua Keating misstated that hundreds of protesters have been killed at the Israel-Gaza border in recent weeks. It has been fewer than 100.

In a May 14 Brow Beat, Aisha Harris misspelled Isiah Whitlock’s first name.

In a May 14 Brow Beat, Lena Wilson misstated that “Redbone” debuted at No. 12 on the Hot 100. It peaked at that position.

In a May 14 Slatest, Osita Nwanevu misidentified U.S. Customs and Border Protection as Customs and Border Patrol.

In a May 14 World, Ilan Goldenberg misstated that top congressional Democrats had attended a ceremony to mark the transfer of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem. There were no Democrats in attendance.

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