Slate’s Mistakes for the Week of Feb. 19

In a Feb. 23 Slatest, Osita Nwanevu mistranscribed “hyper-Catholicism” as “hyperconservatism.”

In a Feb. 23 Slatest, Joshua Keating misspelled António Guterres’ last name.

In a Feb. 23 Slatest, Elliot Hannon misidentified the location of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School school shooting as Parkdale, Florida. The shooting took place in Parkland, Florida.

In a Feb. 22 Jurisprudence, Mark Joseph Stern misspelled the name of a decision that Justice Clarence Thomas would have reversed. It is Silvester v. Becerra, not Sylvester v. Bacerra.

In a Feb. 22 Politics, Christina Cauterucci misstated when the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting happened. It was in the summer of 2016, not 2017.

In a Feb. 22 Slatest, Ben Mathis-Lilley misspelled Marjory Stoneman Douglas’ first name.

In a Feb. 21 Brow Beat, Matthew Dessem misspelled commentator Jesse Watters’ last name.

Due to an editing error, a Feb. 21 Future Tense misstated the date when the Federal Communications Commission published the repeal of net neutrality rules. It was Thursday, not Tuesday.

In a Feb. 21 Moneybox, Henry Grabar misidentified the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

In a Feb. 20 Interrogation, Isaac Chotiner misidentified Steven Pinker’s book The Better Angels of Our Nature as The Better Angles of Our Nature.

In a Feb. 20 Slatest, Josh Voorhees misstated that Sean Duffy and his wife, Rachel, were castmates on Real World: Boston. They met as participants on Road Rules: All Stars.

In a Feb. 19 Slatest, Lila Thulin misidentified Philadelphia as Pennsylvania’s capital. The state’s capital is Harrisburg.

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