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Watch the Trailer for the New, T.J. Miller-Free Season of Silicon Valley

HBO released a teaser for the next season of Silicon Valley on Wednesday, and it looks like the show’s doing just fine without T.J. Miller.
Miller voluntarily left the series over the summer for reasons that weren’t entirely clear; the interview he gave to The Hollywood Reporter shed no light on anything. Then, in December, he was accused of sexual assault, allegations he has denied. While it’s unclear what effect the allegations will have on Miller’s career in the long term—Fox announced this week that they have no plans to replace him in Deadpool—it seems like Silicon Valley dodged a bullet when Miller left. None of the show’s remaining stars have been caught up in the post-Weinstein fallout so far, and barring further developments on that front, the biggest threat it’s facing is Thomas Middleditch’s extreme Verizon-ad-fueled overexposure.

That’s a real threat, judging from the trailer: Middleditch’s ads have been so omnipresent lately that his face triggers an instinctive fumbling for the “skip ad” button. But the trailer confirms that Kumail Nanjiani, Martin Starr, Zach Woods, and Suzanne Cryer are all still comedic geniuses, and as long as the show gives them room to play, it’ll be worth watching, Verizon ads or no. It’s not like Silicon Valley is getting any smarter, so it’s reassuring to know that Mike Judge and company will still be pointing and laughing.