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Want to Watch a Man With the Head of a Dog Eat a Sandwich? Saturday Night Live Has You Covered

Comedy can a valuable tool for the powerless, a sharp thorn in the side of the powerful, and a priceless mirror that, at its best, reflects our cockeyed world back at us in a way that almost makes sense. It is also the only medium where you can watch a gosh-danged human with a dog’s head eating a ham sandwich. That’s exactly what Saturday Night Live provided the world with this sketch, which has no other reason to exist, and needs no other reason to exist. It’s a man with a dog’s head eating a sandwich.

You could argue that showing people good dogs eating good sandwiches with their good human hands is somehow less noble than, say, Juvenal excoriating wealthy Romans, but have you seen this dog? He can build LEGOs! He can solve a Rubik’s Cube! When his ham sandwich is delicious—and what ham sandwich isn’t delicious, if you have a dog’s nose, a dog’s tongue, and a dog’s lack of culinary discernment—this dog gives an enthusiastic thumbs up!

In conclusion, if you want more from comedy (or life itself) than the chance to watch a human with a dog’s head eating a ham sandwich, you are a rank philistine and I bet Juvenal would have hated you. Now let’s see that dog go to town on the ham sandwich again!

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