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Watch the Daily Show’s Fake News Awards Attack Ad: “Can Colbert and Bee Really Be Mistrusted?”

The race for Donald Trump’s “Most Dishonest and Corrupt Media Awards” is heating up, with late-night hosts pouring time and resources into campaigning for the honor, because nothing is real anymore and society has officially gone full meta. The Daily Show, which previously took out a full-page “For Your Consideration” ad in the New York Times, stepped its campaign up a notch on Sunday, releasing an attack ad against its former correspondents Samantha Bee and Stephen Colbert, condemning their trustworthiness.

The Late Show and Full Frontal think they are worthy of a Fake News Award, but are they really as dishonest and corrupt as they would have you believe? Just look at all those facts. “President Trump, don’t be faked out by their fake fake-outs,” warns The Daily Show. Trevor Noah on the other hand, is very dishonest and very corrupt. “He covers you very unfairly, and he’s literally un-American.”

The Fake News Awards, which were originally supposed to be announced on Monday before Trump pushed them back to Wednesday, have become a coveted prize among late-night hosts. After all, what could be a greater honor than being crowned the best liar by the world’s most famous liar of all?

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