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Taylor Swift is Here to Remind Us that She Has a Big Reputation (Big Reputation) with New “End Game” Video

The old Taylor is well and truly dead. On Thursday night, Taylor Swift debuted the third video from her album Reputation, and though “End Game” is partially about a romance (“I want to be your end game”) the video is—unsurprisingly—much more focused on her capital R Reputation (“Ooh, you and me we got big reputations”). The party montage—directed by famed music video director Joseph Kahn, responsible for previous Swift videos including “Blank Space” and “Look What You Made Me Do?”—shows Swift and her big reputation partying it up around the world, alongside friends and collaborators Ed Sheeran and Future.

In the clip, Swift strikes a power stance with Future at the front of a Reputation yacht (like a regular yacht, but with more Swift branding) in Miami, steals Ed Sheeran’s glasses at a karaoke bar in Tokyo, and rings in the new year in London surrounded by glamorous friends and admirers. Much as on the album itself, there are lots of references to drinking, with the former-good girl seen with everything from a martini glass to a champagne flute to a golden glitter-encrusted whiskey glass. (She toasts with a full pint of beer at the bar, though we don’t actually see her drink the beer.)

There is of course a reptilian reference, for those who are only here for the Taylor–Kimye Easter eggs. During one of her many international boozefests, Swift is casually preoccupied, sitting on the bar playing a modernized version of Snake on her phone while her friends revel on below. She’s still having fun though—a helpful friend holds a martini up to her lips, so she can keep on drinking without stopping the game.

But you know the thing about Snake, Taylor. The bigger you get, the more likely you are to accidentally eat yourself.

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