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Stephen Colbert Visits a Happier Time, When Trump’s Tweets Were Just His Usual Level of Deranged

When things get bad—and on Tuesday, they got pretty bad—it’s only natural to look back with nostalgia on happier times. Like, say, a few hours before our bloodthirsty pumpkinhead of a president decided Twitter was a good medium for nuclear threats. But the glow of nostalgia can lead us to forget that things weren’t really all that great back then—i.e., earlier on Tuesday—either. That’s why Stephen Colbert’s Tuesday night monologue, written before Trump whipped it out for Kim Jong-un, is a useful corrective. As safe and secure as you might remember feeling Tuesday morning, and as true as that might be in comparison to how you are feeling on Tuesday night, everything was still pretty fucking terrible. Remember this beauty of a tweet from less than 24 hours ago?

Of course you don’t remember it: Everything is already much, much worse! But it’s still kind of a dumb, baffling thing for anyone to have written, much less the most powerful human being on the entire planet. Anyway, Stephen Colbert gets in some good ones, as they say. Enjoy!

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