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Only Hardcore Breakfast Lovers Can Truly Appreciate This Portlandia Sketch

A beaming Fred Armisen, wearing a bathrobe, makes coffee in a rustic kitchen
“I bet in heaven, breakfast is three times a day.”
Still via YouTube

“I bet in heaven, breakfast is three times a day.” That nugget of truth comes from a new Portlandia sketch, “It’s Almost Breakfast,” in which Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen accurately capture the mood of breakfast lovers everywhere. The sketch stars two longtime characters, Peter and Nance, a sweet, well-intentioned couple who tend to take their interests a little too far, as they do in this case, staying up all night obsessing over the coming morning meal.

In the past, Portlandia has expressed a healthy skepticism toward breakfast’s trendier cousin, brunch, but the enthusiasm for breakfast here, while exaggerated, seems totally sincere, complete with loving shots of coffee being poured and toast popping up. It’s breakfast porn, frankly, but then again, if you don’t mutter about hash browns in your sleep or want to make slideshows of your favorite foods, can you truly call yourself a breakfast lover?

Between this and the true-crime podcast parody sketch from last week, Portlandia has really been stepping up its game for the show’s eighth and final season, which debuts on IFC on Jan. 18.

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