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Sassy Luke Skywalker Is Now Available in GIF Form, So You Too Can Brush Off the Haters

Whatever your feelings about Star Wars: The Last Jedi, there’s no denying that the scene in which Luke Skywalker is bombarded with laser fire, only to emerge from the cloud of dust unscathed, was instantly iconic. And now, that moment, in which the Jedi master coolly brushes off his shoulder, is a GIF, so that you can fully express your own nonchalance on the internet:

It even gets the Rian Johnson stamp of approval.

(You can listen to the Slate Spoiler Special, in which we specifically request the existence of just such a GIF, here.)

This moment in The Last Jedi is already pretty great, but it gets even better when you remember that [spoiler alert] Luke isn’t even really there during the battle. There is no dust for him to brush off his shoulder. He’s literally doing it for the sheer drama of it all.

Anyway, Sassy Luke Skywalker Brushing Off the Haters should at least tide us over until there’s a GIF form of Cranky Old Luke Skywalker Defiantly Drinking Green Milk.

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