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Jimmy Kimmel Celebrates Trump’s 2,000th Lie With a Stirring Documentary Tribute

President Trump reached a major milestone on Wednesday, as the Washington Post noted: he has now told 2,000 lies since becoming president. To mark the occasion, which Jimmy Kimmel dubbed “Lie2K,” the late-night host commissioned a documentary tribute to the president’s astonishing achievement in lying. Pants of Fire: The Road to 2000 Lies comes complete with (fake) talking heads, inspiring music, and a stentorian narrator, as befits its solemn subject.

It’s apparent, nearly a year in, that the relentless pace of Trump’s presidency is one of its worst qualities: the rolling waves of disasters mean it’s difficult to find the time to really take in the big picture. So as Jimmy Kimmel’s music swells, pull back and take it in: Trump has more than three years left in his term, and he’s told us 2,000 lies already. 2,000. 2,000! That is a lot of bullshit.

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