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Barack Obama Wants You to Know He Is Just an Ordinary Dad Whose Dance Moves Embarrass His Kids (in Front of Prince)

David Letterman has a new show coming to Netflix called My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman, and his first guest definitely lives up to the show’s title: Barack Obama, making his first talk show appearance since he left office in January, will help Letterman kick off his new program on Jan. 12. In a new clip from the interview, he offers some valuable advice, not as a former president, but as an ordinary, American dad.

More specifically, Obama tells Letterman a story about a time when his daughter brought him up to dance in front of a crowd, which surprised the president, since Sasha usually mocks his dancing. The trick to controlling his “dad moves,” he explained is “staying in the pocket” and avoiding untried, wild flourishes like karate kicks. See? Totally normal.

Oh, and did we mention that this incident took place in front of the late singer Prince? Like I said, just a regular dad, hobnobbing with music legends, like dads do.