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Someone Is Missing From The Daily Show’s In Memoriam Reels for Trump Officials and Sexual Harassers

The Daily Show produced two beautiful In Memoriam reels to remember those we lost in 2017, and if they don’t make you tear up, congratulations, you’re not an awful person. Above is a sad look back at the Trump administration officials we were all forced to get to know over the year, only to have them abruptly leave the stage when their boss got bored with them. From Steve Bannon to Tom Price, it’s a moving look at dedicated servants of Mammon who, with any luck, will forever be remembered for lasting less time in the Trump White House than walking-affirmative-action-bake-sale Stephen fucking Miller. But that wasn’t the only In Memoriam reel from Trevor Noah and company; The Daily Show also marked some of the careers that came to a screeching halt in 2017 over allegations of sexual harassment:

While it’s always fun to see people who did bad things getting their long-delayed comeuppance, it does seem like someone pretty important is missing from both reels. What if there were an extremely high-level Trump administration official who also faced numerous credible allegations of sexual misconduct? What if we completely and utterly failed to make that person face any consequences for his or her behavior, even in a year in which so many other chits finally, almost unbelievably came due?

What a sad world that would be. Let’s hope 2018 brings better news!

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